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Design inspiration, the collaborative way

No matter what you're designing, getting direction on style is an important part of the process. With Moodily, you can easily invite your team members or clients to help you gather inspiration so that you're always heading in the right direction with your designs.

Collaborative Inspiration

Rapidly build boards

Check yes or no! Moodily presents inspiration pieces one at a time with no visual clutter so your mind can decide quickly if you like the inspiration or not. Your likes are added to the projects board for all collaborators to view and comment on.

Streamline inspiration with your team

Stay organized with a Moodily team plan, and setup administrator or member roles. Everyone on your team has the ability to create and invite guest collaborators to help your team stay aligned visually.

member permissions

Everyone can be involved with visual direction

Comments are a great way to further validate inspiration choices among your team or clients. They can help to steer the direction of any design that is based off of a particular inspiration piece.

Stay connected through tools you use

Ensure your team is up-to-date on the latest comments on moodboards. With Moodily team accounts, you can integrate Slack notifications right from your board, making it even easier to stay in the loop, no matter where you are.

slack intergration

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