Brand Guide Go in-depth on what our brand means and how use it in the world

The fundamentals

Moodily was built with the passion to help designers of all types curate design inspiration so there would never be blind designing again. Our mission is and always will be to provide an inviting, fun and creative user experience to our customers.

We believe a brand capitaves a users attention and loyalty just as much as any design asset behind the login screen does. This guide outlines our brand in detail and we also provide assets to download so you can use in the real world. We hope you love the Moodily brand and assets just as much as we do!

The brand values

When we first started thinking about how Moodily would feel and what it would represent, the last thing on our minds was boring. We wanted to show the culture and values of the creators behind it, a group of people that never take life too seriously, but seriously know software.

We knew that when users first came to the Moodily site, we wanted to instantly connect with them on all levels. An approachable service that is not only valuable, it’s reliable and the team behind it, is just as adventerous to implement new features as Kevin (our mascot) is to making yellow snow cones.

Say hello to Kevin

Kevin is the always smiling mascot of the Moodily brand. He is never used with the Moodily wordmark, so please if you’re using Kevin anywhere, place him by himself. Don’t worry, he won’t mind.

Kevin is never frowning in public, only behind closed doors within the Moodily app, when something goes wrong. Please do not alter his face, color or smile.

If you’re using Kevin in the circle, please keep the base color of the circle and do not alter it.

If you need to print Kevin for offline use, please use the black and white version of him.

Download Kevin: EPS , PNG , or SVG


We use two different typefaces in our brand and web application. For headers and sub headers, we use Avenir Next. For body and paragraph copy we use Camphor Pro. These fonts provide us a clean, readable interface on all levels.

Avenir Next Rounded
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm
Camphor Pro
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm


Our color palette was curated with the intention of bringing vibrancy into our brand to further connect with the Moodily audience and convey a sense of friendlness and confidence. Use our color palette in marketing martials were it applies.

  • #50abc6
  • #86c7d2
  • #3b4048
  • #f4763e
  • #cfd6da
  • #92c793

Download ASE color Palette